We'll Work With You

Based on proven technologies and industry standard open systems, Pasek's integrated systems solutions are helping customers in virtually all of today's leading environments. For example, our information systems and networking team has the experience necessary to ensure robust and secure integration of your security system into your existing UNIX, Windows NT, or Open Source operating environments.

And our integrated systems equipment not only operates seamlessly on a TCP/IP network but also can be accessed remotely utilizing secure protocols such as VPN (Virtual Private Networking).

We can also integrate existing SQL and ODBC compliant databases containing employee and facility data into your access control and video badging systems. Changes to the data are made once, reducing the chance of data entry errors. And we make sure your data is protected by using tape backup and RAID technologies.

A Proven Process
Behind the Pasek team is a project management system that ensures a smooth and fully integrated installation, regardless of the size of your projects. The process begins when one of our sales representatives reviews your specifications and requirements. This is followed by a site survey of your facility to determine the proper mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electronic equipment needed to fulfill those requirements. Your sales representative will then prepare and present a comprehensive, professional proposal.

Prior to starting the project, our installation manager and project coordinator review your approved proposal to determine any unique delivery or installation needs. We'll provide detailed physical survey information, if needed, in the form of a survey or CADD drawings for your review and approval.

Next, the Pasek warehouse and purchasing teams contribute their expertise by ordering, receiving, and staging custom hardware for your project. The key systems team can then design and produce large-scale master key systems to control the mechanical hardware portion of your integrated system project.

Installation by our service technicians and the project coordinator starts and ends on your schedule. And we don't just install. We also provide you with the training you need to be sure your personnel are ready to take over the system.

Wherever you are in Greater Boston, the Pasek team of professionals is ready to respond to your life-safety, security, and access control requirements today.