Legal & Financial Overview

PASEK has worked with hundreds of offices in the legal and financial industry in our century-plus history to keep documents and other sensitive information out of the wrong hands. It’s our mission to ensure the security of your facility as well as the access to your important information.

Compliance, Regulatory and Best Practice Expertise

Extensive experience has turned our employees into experts in the industry. Years of resolving building code issues and complying with local and federal regulations make PASEK a prime resource for compliance and regulatory expertise, as well as best practices.

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Find out how PASEK can help your facility in the following capacities:

  • Meeting or exceeding ADA Accessibility Guidelines for buildings and facilities
  • Ensuring compliance with Fire and Life Safety Codes before fire marshal inspections
  • Keeping customers and employees safe with AAADM Certification for Automatic Doors
  • Incorporating security systems for asset protection, surveillance, intrusion protection and monitoring
  • Installing air curtains on automatic entrances to keep weather, insects and debris out
  • Supporting locations nationwide with key and locksmith services
  • Optimizing customer experience with automatic pedestrian doors

Building Safer Communities Together

Doors play a significant part in people’s safety. Properly operating door systems and openings can impact many situations.

We can work together to optimize safety like the examples listed below:

  • Allowing people to move about safely with the free flow of traffic
  • Utilizing the appropriate product based on an application’s requirements
  • Preparing for AHJ inspections or implementing AHJ inspection deficiencies
  • Evacuating people during a fire or other imminent threat
  • Securing critical or restricted areas to support loss prevention

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Entry Door Solutions

Specialty Doors

Integrated Security Solutions

Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Security

Gate Systems, Bollards, Traffic Control

Command & Control Solutions

Centralized and Distributed Solutions

Campus Wide Communication

Intercom Solutions, Emergency Phone Stations

Automatic Door Solutions

Sliding, Swinging, and Revolving Doors

Common Products in the Legal & Financial Industry

  • Campus Wide Communication Systems

  • Mustering Stations

  • Access Control

  • Video Surveillance Solutions

  • Perimeter Security

  • Gunshot Detection

  • Automatic Doors

  • Entry Door Solutions

  • Specialty Products

Services for the Legal & Financial Industry

  • Consulting Services

  • Design & Build Specifications

  • Door Hardware Pre-Installed

  • Emergency Services 24/7/365

  • System Monitoring
  • FireCheck® Program

  • Fire, Smoke and Egress Door Inspections

  • Locksmith Services

  • Planned Maintenance Program

PASEK: Experts At Your Service.

PASEK has always been driven by the need to provide the most effective access control solutions, both mechanical and electronic. To that end, we have developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of electronic access control systems, CCTV systems, and Digital Video Recording systems.

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