Health Care Overview

Every day, healthcare facilities trust PASEK to provide quality door systems that meet the unique needs of their environment and protect the life safety of staff, patients and visitors. The experts at PASEK understand that providing the best patient care is a top priority and that safe, compliant facilities have a role to play in achieving that goal.

Compliance, Regulatory and Best Practice Expertise

Extensive experience in healthcare settings have turned our employees into experts in the industry. Years of resolving building code issues and complying with local and federal regulations make PASEK a prime resource for compliance and regulatory expertise, as well as best practices.

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Find out how PASEK can help your facility in the following capacities:

  • Complying with requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services enforced by The Joint Commission and the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program
  • Protecting patient records with access control, doors and locks that support HIPAA compliance
  • Evaluating environmental hazards with Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA) protocols
  • Implementing antimicrobial hardware to promote infection control and prevent the spread of disease
  • Securing controlled medication rooms with access control

Building Safer Communities Together

Doors play a significant part in people’s safety. Properly operating door systems and openings can impact many situations.

We can work together to optimize safety like the examples listed below:

  • Transporting patients seamlessly through wide openings
  • Reducing the spread of germs on door handles
  • Alerting staff when there is a wandering patient
  • Rescuing a trapped patient through double swinging patient restroom doors
  • Preventing the spread of smoke and fire to protect immobile patients
  • Evacuating people during a fire or other imminent threat
  • Securing critical areas of the facility

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Automatic Entrances

Sliding, Swinging and Revolving Doors

Cross Corridors

Integrated Manual Doors

Intensive Care Unit

Manual ICU Doors

Facility Security

Access Control

Patient Rooms

Entry Doors

Patient Security

Infant Protection and Patient Wandering Systems

Common Products in Health Care Settings

  • Air Curtains

  • Anti-Ligature Door Hardware

  • Anti-Microbial Door Hardware

  • Electronic Access Control

  • Entry Doors

  • Fire and Smoke Door Assemblies

  • Integrated Manual Doors

  • Lead-Lined Doors

  • Manual ICU Doors

  • Mechanical Keys

  • Commercial Sectional and Rolling Steel Doors
  • Sliding, Swinging and Revolving Doors

  • Infant Protection and Patient Wandering Systems

Services for the Health Care Industry

  • AAADM Certification Program for Automatic Doors

  • Consulting Services

  • Design & Build Specifications

  • Door Hardware Pre-Installed

  • Emergency Services 24/7/365

  • Facility Maintenance

  • FireCheck® Program

  • Fire, Smoke and Egress Door Inspections

  • Installation Services

  • Locksmith Services

  • Planned Maintenance Program

  • System Monitoring

PASEK: Experts At Your Service.

PASEK has always been driven by the need to provide the most effective access control solutions, both mechanical and electronic. To that end, we have developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of electronic access control systems, CCTV systems, and Digital Video Recording systems.

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