Standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) require building owners and managers to have all types of fire and smoke-rated doors inspected and tested at least annually, and have a written record available. Here is how the experts at PASEK can help!

FireCheck® Program
Fire Door Drop Test
Field Labeling
Barcode Stickers

FireCheck® Program

The FireCheck® program for fire-rated swinging doors.

Under the FireCheck® program, a certified inspector conducts a comprehensive visual inspection and functional test, per NFPA 80 requirements, to ensure code compliance. A report complete with photographs documents any deficiencies and includes repair recommendations. Many customers find this service helpful in preparing for compliance audits, especially in the health care environment. This same process can be applied to smoke-rated swinging doors if mandated by the code or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Fire Door Drop Test Program

The Fire Door Drop Test (FDDT) program for fire-rated rolling doors, counter doors, shutters, accordion doors, sliding doors and fire curtains includes a code-mandated inspection that follows testing procedures per NFPA 80. These inspections are performed at least annually with a copy of each inspection ticket given to the customer for their records.

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Field Labeling for Doors, Frames and Hardware

PASEK can facilitate field re-labeling of doors, frames and some hardware items, that have missing or illegible fire-rated labels.

Barcode Stickers

Door barcodes help building owners quickly identify openings and help speed up the annual FireCheck® inspection process. PASEK can add barcodes to any opening with individualized numbering and company-specific logos.

Did You Know?

See a top Joint Commission violation that is easily corrected.

The Joint Commission states that non-code compliant door openings are among the top 10 violations they see every year when inspecting health care institutions.

Did You Know?

Find out how critical proper doors and hardware are to a facility.

Doors and hardware are approximately 2% of the total construction costs on a commercial project, but create more than 30% of the punch list items. This includes new fire rated doors that are not code compliant even before the owner takes over the building.