Here are just few examples of the things we do to improve the world around us:

Team Impact

gives employees a pathway to be more involved with volunteerism, charitable activities, wellness events, team building activities and other special events. The Company organizes many events each year to benefit the community, our employees, and our customers.

Training & Development

programs provide opportunities for both employees and customers to learn improved processes, code advocacy, and better ways to lead a healthier life.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

is actively encouraged in the company’s work process and programs. Each year their recycling programs and green building movement supports practices to provide a sustainable future for the surrounding community and beyond. The Company recycles over 3,538 ton of metal, aluminum, paper and plastic, 1,505 tires, 356 vehicle batteries and 4,945 gallons of petroleum waste each year in an effort to be more sustainable in our daily business.