Replacement Doors & Hardware Location

Pasek Corporation can specify and install new or replacement doors and frames for most building applications. Wood or hollow metal doors can be prepped for hardware to be provided blank to match conditions or code.

Hardware Location Recommendations

The need for a formal recommendation concerning hardware locations arises principally from changing conditions in the building construction field. Architectural handbooks treat the subject from the standpoint of traditional practice, which was based on wood doors and frames, job-fitted for hardware. In today’s buildings, frames usually are of steel, and a large percentage of doors, whether of wood or metal, are being pre-fitted for hardware.

Use three hinges for doors up to and including 7'-6". Add one hinge for each 2'-6" in height or fraction thereof.

These hardware locations are for custom hollow metal doors and are recommended by the Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association - a Division of NAAMM (NAAMM Standards HMMA 860, 861, 862, 863, and 865). Place equal spacing between hinges.

38"— center line of knob on lock or latch and cross bar on exit device.

42"— center line of door pull grip and of pushpull bar.

45"— center line of roller latch and hospital push-pull.

48"— center line of deadlock cylinder, push plate, and hospital arm pull (vertical type).

Suggested Locations for Mounting Locks and Exit Devices