Distribution & Logistics Overview

As a distributor ourselves, we understand the needs of distributor and logistic operations well. PASEK Security experts work to understand a facility’s pain points and then can make recommendations to overcome them. We can help ensure the security of your staff as well as your equipment and assets. If you’re still learning how planned maintenance saves downtime in the long run, talk with our technical experts about how regular maintenance translates into efficiency.

Compliance, Regulatory and Best Practice Expertise

Extensive experience has turned our employees into experts in the industry. Years of resolving building code issues and complying with local and federal regulations make PASEK a prime resource for compliance and regulatory expertise, as well as best practices.

Find out how PASEK can help your facility in the following capacities:
  • Ensuring compliance with Fire and Life Safety Codes before fire marshal inspections
  • Complying with regulations from AIB International, USDA, FDA and Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) for food and beverage facilities
  • Meeting or exceeding OSHA standards for workplace safety and health
  • Reducing downtime and increasing throughput with planned maintenance

Building Safer Communities Together

Doors play a significant part in people’s safety. Properly operating door systems and openings can impact many situations.

We can work together to optimize safety like the examples listed below:
  • Properly sealing openings to keep dust, wind and water out
  • Allowing people to move about safely with the free flow of traffic
  • Controlling access so that only authorized parties are allowed entry
  • Utilizing the appropriate product based on an application’s requirements
  • Evacuating people during a fire or other imminent threat


Facility Communication Systems

Intercom Solutions

Mustering Solutions

Fixed and Portable Devices

Access Control Solutions

On Premises and Hosted Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions

Interior & Exterior Monitoring

Perimeter Security

Gate Systems, Bollards, Traffic Control

Gunshot Detection

Gunfire Locator System

Automatic Door Solutions

Sliding, Swinging, and Revolving Doors

Entry Door Systems

Specialty Doors

Services for the Distribution & Logistics Industry

  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Keys and Cores
  • Electronic Security
  • Automatic Doors
  • Perimeter Security

Common Products in the Distribution & Logistics Industry

  • Consulting Services
  • Design & Build Specifications
  • Door Hardware Pre-Installed
  • Emergency Services 24/7/365
  • FireCheck® Program
  • Fire, Smoke and Egress Door Inspections
  • Installation Services
  • Locksmith Services
  • Planned Maintenance Program
  • System Monitoring

PASEK: Experts At Your Service.

PASEK has always been driven by the need to provide the most effective access control solutions, both mechanical and electronic. To that end, we have developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of electronic access control systems, CCTV systems, and Digital Video Recording systems.

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