Project Description

A hotel needed an automatic door solution for better customer movement in the facility.


Guests carrying luggage were having trouble navigating the original swing doors in a hotel. The property owner knew they needed an automatic door solution to aid guests. They were looking for a company that could do the work from start to finish and that would be there for them for future service and maintenance.


The DH Pace team removed the existing swing doors and glass and installed bi-parting sliding doors in their place. Motion sensors were used to automate activation and insulated glass was added on the outside to help with energy
Surrounding finishes, like paint and drywall, were coordinated with the new door system so the finished product was seamlessly integrated into the existing space.


In the end, the property owner was quite pleased with the work and craftsmanship of the door improvements. Frequent hotel customers were also very positive about the upgrade to the hotel, which was the customer’s primary goal.