Project Description

A national health chain needed to make significant security upgrades to the doors of their 300 facilities across the country in a short amount of time to meet regulatory requirements.


The company, which operates health care clinics across the country, needed to rapidly update their key system at all their locations to correct Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rules and Facility Access Controls as part of a HIPAA Information Practices Act (IAP) project. The project goals were to increase security, restrict access and bring the facilities into regulatory compliance standards.


DH Pace formed a project team and developed a plan to complete the work within 90 days. Due to a delay project approval, the team had only 69 days to complete the work. The plan consisted of designing a new system, keying over 900 cores, cutting almost 2,000 keys and installing them at over 300 locations.
All of the key work was completed in-house by DH Pace teams. Then, expert installers went to work setting the new materials put in place at the facilities.


The group completed the installation of the new, patented key system in all of the main entrances, physical therapy entrances, and employee
entrances in all 300 locations within the original 90 day plan. DH Pace was able to rapidly mobilize, overcome project setbacks and still complete a large-scale project in such a short time frame, and the customer was pleased with the outcome.