Since 1876, PASEK has earned a reputation for expertise in mechanical locking hardware and key systems.

For a complete Access Control System, you’ll need to select from the components categories shown below. Depending on the application, you may not need something from all of the categories. If you need help in determining the correct material needed for any particular job, please feel free to consult with our experienced staff. We can be of assistance in planning systems from the simplest to the most complex.

The installation of any access control system which relies on an electric lock should be done according to local code requirements. When in doubt, the local authority having jurisdiction — AHJ — (building inspector, fire inspector, etc.) should be consulted. U.L. listings alone should not be relied upon for application approval.

1. Locking Device
Magnetic lock, Electric Deadbolt, Electric Strike, etc.

2. Access (Entry) Control
Keyswitch, Keypad, Proximity Fob, etc.

3. Egress (Exit) Control
Exit Button, Exit, Bar, etc.

4. Power Supply
Boxed power, supply, transformer

5. Options
Monitoring, Delayed Egress, Interfaces, Battery