Maintenance is an essential part of facility upkeep. Make the most of it with a planned maintenance agreement (PMA) with PASEK and DH Pace. Enrolling in a planned maintenance agreement is FREE and offers discounts on labor for all service and repair work. Plus, agreement holders receive priority scheduling for services and repairs.

Customize a planned maintenance agreement for your facility’s specific doors, operators and security equipment. You pay only for the discounted labor required to perform the planned maintenance work, along with any repair parts used per your authorization. Each planned maintenance service call includes a written checklist of the work performed and any recommendations for potential repairs or product replacement.

System Monitoring Benefits

  • Decreased Costly Downtime

  • Reduced Probability Of Your Doors, Operators & Security Equipment Malfunctioning

  • Increased Operational Efficiency & Reliability Of Your Facility’s Doors & Related Equipment

  • Decreased Long Term Repair Expenses

  • Extended Safe & Useful Life Of Your Doors, Operators & Security Equipment

Pasek: Experts At Your Service.

Pasek has always been driven by the need to provide the most effective access control solutions, both mechanical and electronic. To that end, we have developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of electronic access control systems, CCTV systems, and Digital Video Recording systems.

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