Project Description

New codes for annual inspection of doors for NFPA 80 caused a health care organization to look for options to facilitate the inspection of their facilities.


A pending Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) inspection was approaching rapidly and the healthcare organization realized that performing the inspections would be too difficult to complete in-house. The customer had heard of the FireCheck® inspection program offered by DH Pace and requested a proposal.


DH Pace performed the inspection of all the required doors and assisted the Customer in getting the repairs completed and the facility up to code in time for their inspection by JCAHO. DH Pace inspected over 800 doors and over 300 doors required work to ensure they passed the final inspection. The hospital passed the JCAHO inspection with zero deficiencies on any of the 800 openings.


JCHAO found zero deficiencies two weeks after our work was completed. Needless to say, the healthcare organization was thrilled with the results.